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Thứ Tư, 3 tháng 3, 2021

Cassava breeding in Vietnam


Vietnam's cassava industry, with over one billion dollars in export turnover each year, is experiencing the CMD cassava mosaic virus disease.“Guiding farmers to buy disease-free KM419 cassava is the safest and most economical solution compared to the current situation of cassava leaf mosaic infection”, the official dispatch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of Food Protection. No. 1068 / BVTV TV dated May 3, 2019 "Regarding the use of KM419 cassava varieties in production" identified. The effective solution to select Vietnamese cassava varieties is to use KM419 cassava with high starch yield, disease-free, and continue to cross-breed with existing CMD-resistant cassava varieties. 

In 2020 (MARD & DARD Tay Ninh, 11/24/2020) in Tay Ninh, the area of KM419 planting in Winter-Spring crop is 54%, Summer-Autumn crop 62%, and Mùa crop 80.7% . In 2016, (before the CMD epidemic) Two main cassava varieties KM419 and KM94 accounted for 38% and 31.7% of the total area of Vietnamese cassava, respectively (RTB CGIAR Newsletter 2016 http://www.rtb.cgiar.org/2016-annual-report/assessment-reveals-that-most-cassava-grown-in-vietnam-has-a-ciat-pedigree/?fbclid=IwAR0H4zQAeZq89ioYRhx_B2nL8oG52Lp6Jfdi8qASJKkAQcdF7yYpu0oqU1Y

see more Cassava varieties KM419 and KM440 Phu Yen https://youtu.be/XDM6i8vLHcI and https://hoangkimlong.wordpress.com/category/chon-giong-san-khang-cmd/).

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