Thứ Sáu, 30 tháng 5, 2014

VAAS and CIAT: Advancing Agricultural Research in Vietnam and South East Asia

FOOD CROPS. On 29 May, 2014, the Vietnam Academic of Agricultural Science - VAAS  and The International Center for Tropical Agriculture's  - CIAT jointly organize the event on “Advancing Agricultural Research in Vietnam and South East Asia” at the Agricultural Genetics Institute (AGI) . This event  is a great opportunity to showcase the considerable progress made in the field of agricultural research by CIAT’s team and VAAS's cassava team and hear about the strategic importance of CIAT in Asia and Vietnam. You can see some papers of the expert meeting here.

CIAT in Asia and Vietnam – An External Perspective, Dr. Nguyen Van Bo, President, VAAS

o   ILCMB VAAS CIAT (Phòng Thí nghiệm Quốc tế Chọn giống Phân tử Sắn)

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