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Cassava in Ghana: save and grow


Recommendation for further development cassava in Ghana

Prepared by
Hoang Kim , Vo Tong Xuan, Quan Le,  Lien Ngo ,
Richard Laryea
and  Augustus Yeboah Agyemang. 
Executive Summary

Ayensu Starch Company (ASCO) is the first and only starch plant in Ghana. It was installed in 2004 as the first of Presidential Initiative on Cassava. The plant was supplied by International Starch Institute, a Danish company with extensive project experience in Africa.

The plant has 50MT/day starch capacity. It is located in the central region of Ghana about 30km northwest of Accra. The plan was for the cassava growers in the area to supply the quantity that the plant needs to process. The reality was that due to various reasons, the plant was only operation for a part of the last 10 years. The relationship between the plant and the cassava growers in the area is poor with the plant complaining about the high price of fresh cassava supply and the farmers complaining about the plant not fulfilling its promise to buy the cassava.

For the above reasons the plant was lying idle for a long time until Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited started buying the starch from the plant to put into its beer formulations. Guinness Ghana is part of Diageo, the international drink company. Guinness Ghana has been buying starch from the plant since 2013 and also provided it with financial support in some critical equipment and working capital.

Guinness engaged GMX to help improve the operations of the plant, focusing first on cassava supply from 50km radius of the plant. GMX will also provide cassava agronomical advise through the setting up of a demonstration plot.

Objective of this study: 
1) Background the current situation of cassava production and utilization in Ghana and its potential into starch, cassava chips, biofuel and other products..
2) Ghana Ayensu starch factory’s cassava supply: the present situation and prospects for further development.
3) Cassava in Ghana save and grow: Recommendation for further development cassava in Ghana

Key Notes

Cassava in Ghana: save and grow

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Cassava in Ghana: save and grow
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